Arktreks Signing On, Saying Hello

Wow, so this is what blogging feels like. Why have I been depriving myself of this beautiful resource for so long? Let us not dwell on such… my names Brandon Labat and I reside in Central Arkansas. I’m a pretty active fella and I try to capture what I do in my photos. There are a lot of people who don’t get to see the type of places I go whether that is due to physical disability, lack of time, city living, and so forth. So I like to share what I see. I frequently view places online I also may never travel to so I’m very thankful for those who shared their experiences. So let’s start this journey together. Below I will provide an overview of the content that my blog will be mainly consist of and what you can expect from me.
-Hiking should be the majority of my post and will certainly provide the most bountiful photo galleries. Arkansas basically provides endless locations for exploration and I will show you locations that you can’t find at the common highlighted areas, such as state parks.
-Caving is another which should provide you guys with some great photos. This is a past time I absolutely love and one that many people I talk to find fascinating despite never pursuing. This can be tricky to photograph as it’s not practical to take pictures while you’re covered in mud 1000 feet underground. But that’s the sacrifice I’ll make to get you guys some great photos.
-Geocaching, the splendid GPS treasure hunt game is an activity that leads me to location that you wouldn’t even know exist. This is a resource that you can use to find spots that would otherwise go undiscovered. I also build some elaborate caches of my own and hope to share some of these as well. If you’ve never tried this game out give it a try you won’t be disappointed.
-Mountain biking is a past time I really enjoy, and I’m currently working on testing all of the trails in central Arkansas that I can. I will provide photos and reviews of these courses as I knock them off.
-Kayaking is just wonderful let me say that. The constant flooding has put a damper on my plans, but I hope to get back on the water soon. I hope to highlight the local rivers and will certainly take more time to photograph now that I’m sharing the love.

About me
Like I said before my names Brandon Labat (pronounced Labot), I’m 25, and just recently graduated from the University of Central Arkansas. As I am currently working to find a suitable career for myself I’m going to take this spare time to pursue activities that I’m passionate about, that being the outdoors and photography. There is going to be a learning curve for grasping this world of blogging, but I’m really planning to catch on quick and hit the floor running. Let’s take the run together.

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