Goat Trail to Big Bluff, Buffalo River

This was a location that once I viewed online I knew I had to witness the beauty in person. We have been working to clear out the area planning a trip every other weekend to hike the local hotspots. This however is the big dipper that no others have come close to and is honestly the craziest place I’ve been in Arkansas. It really pressed my fear of heights to the absolute max. The hike is about 3 miles each way and doesn’t hold much scenic views until you get down along the bluff line. Oh but when you do arrive it all makes sense. The place is absolutely stunning and I would place it at the top of the must do list in Arkansas, along with Petit Jean and Pinnacle mountain. I will not lie I had to build myself up to walk along the Goat Trail, and was going to pass, but I knew I could not go on living if I did. It was a wise decision to move forward as the views only increase from the other side of the bluff line. The bluff itself is around 500 ft tall and the trail sits 350 ft straight above the Buffalo River. If you do find the chance to make the voyage find a sitter for the children and dogs as this is a very dangerous location. There are no fences, or guardrails and you’ll find there is a lack of cell phone towers in the area so calling out would be a fruitless endeavor.

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