Pedestal Rocks Trail Loop, Ozark Mountains

Pedestal Rocks Trail is an expedition with a deceiving title, but in the best of ways. When I looked into checking out this spot I had seen pictures which had led me to believe we would see some stunning rock structures, but that would be the most of it.

After making the mile or so hike down to the destination we saw the first pedestal rock. It was quite a site as you don’t really see many of these structures in this part of the state, at least I haven’t. Standing below it was absolutely massive and made me crave even more to see the structures in Monument Valley, which this pedestal would stand the size of a golf tee in comparison.

So once done scoping out the pedestal we continued to advance our trek. We had dropped below the bluff line to see the base of the pedestal and began hiking along this part of the hillside. This was a good path to take as we might have missed out on the 10 or so caves that would be viewed along this route.

It was like every time we passed a little cave the next was larger. This trend continued all the way to the end. Along the way you could see where the water had once cut into the rock and formed tunnels or smooth paths coming out from the inside of these caves. It was sure sign of how the location was once covered in rushing water millions of years ago. Let it be known that this rock is highly slick and if you do get a chance to view the area take the necessary precautions.

We finally finished out the bottom path before climbing up and following the trail along the top of the bluff back towards the exiting trail. This day was logged as a victory and we enjoyed the much deserved view of the Ozarks as we walked back along the top of the bluff and headed home.

IMG_1093 (2)

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