Mirror Lake, Blanchard Springs Caverns

Down below the Blanchard springs Caverns resides a lake that has been attracting tourist and fisherman alike since its construction in the 1930s. The name says it all, a stunning flat lake that provides some of the purest water in the state. The lake is consistently fed from an exit point of the Caverns themselves. This leads to steady 58-degrees temperatures and from what I’m told an absolute magnificent fishing hole for rainbow trout.

A spur of the moment trip led me to this location and I was taken back by the beauty. The reflective waters are indeed the naming feature, but when you arrive your eyes hone in on the massive waterfall that holds back the lake. After viewing from above for a while I ventured on and descended below the falls. This provided ruins of an old mill that use to run off hydropower back in its day of operation. The steady flow of water out of the caverns would have made for very stable conditions. The water wheel was nowhere to be found and all that remains are the cemented stones and an idea of what use to be.

Upon getting my fill of this area I hopped back in the car and headed up the water way. Drive or take the trail and you’ll soon come to one of the state’s most popular sites. At this spot the water is crystal clear and you can even take a hike through the woods and snag yourself a geocache. The water rushes out of the caverns at a spectacular rate and gives you a sense of how massive Blachard actually is. I hope to soon take a tour and hopefully snag a few pictures to post. It killed me not to be able to enter the caves from this direction, but that is not permitted and I would likely end up in the shivering waters below. Another day, and another entrance.

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