Mystery Cave Chronicles: The Search Continues

There’s a cave that has eluded me for many years now. Countless hours have gone into finding it, but due to the trivial terrain it remains undiscovered. Up in the hills of Mountain View, Arkansas the conditions are made perfect for caverns and you have to be cautious of where you step. One wrong step and you’re gone.

I first heard about this venture from my best friend, which grandparents own the land. He spoke of a cavern that extends for miles and travels under a mountain. Naturally I was highly intrigued and we swiftly planned a trip. We were given an idea of where the entrance would be on the land and went in far too confident. I mean how hard could it be to find a cave right?

Now after five trips and roughly 24 hours of hunting we still have yet to pin point the entrance and fulfil this need. Despite the upset the land down in the valley is stunning and as you can see from the pictures provides some features that are rarely seen. There are many small caves in the area, but these are only dead ends. But when observing the rushing waters flowing from the tubes it provides you with a beacon of hope and a sense of wonder to what might be within.

The last expedition was several years ago, but we have recently planned to make another trek. This time with the drive to enter those tubes and see if it does indeed open up into a massive cavern. With the area sitting low in a mountain we do believe it’s very possible. There’s no way of knowing if it’s safe to do so, but if we never try we may miss out on seeing a view that had never been witness by human eyes. I’ll speak to you soon if all goes well.

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