Hemmed-In Hollow, Buffalo River

The tallest waterfall in the state of Arkansas is what you’ll find when you make the hike to Hemmed-In Hollow. While the trek down isn’t overly rough the terrain is steep on the way out and you’ll have to travel five miles round trip to knock this off your bucket list. It’s a must do for the region and has been dubbed by the National Park Service as the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and the Appalachians making it a worthy advisory indeed.

This trip was taken back in the winter months when the weather was cool and there was still ice at the bottoms of the falls. The water wasn’t flowing as rapidly as I hoped, but the distance to the top was breathtaking nonetheless. Standing at 209 feet the height towered over any waterfall that I have ever laid eyes on remaining true to its reputation. The area is very secluded and we watched as monstrous sheets of ice fell from the bluff lines as the sun finally won the battle of wills.

The area does have other features to admire apart from the falls that will certainly peak your interest. Climbing up the steep side of the waterfall you’ll discover an orchard of Cedar trees that are truly unique to the location. They wind and twist in ways that make it unclear to what force of nature could drive them to grow in such a way.

If you are excited about this location as much as I was fear not for there are probably 10 for highlighted areas in this small part of the state. The Goat Trail, and Glory hole to name a few. You’ll need to commit time to tackle them all, but if you don’t you’ll sure regret it.

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