Pinnacle Mountain: Central Arkansas Adventures

Central Arkansas holds possibly the most visited natural attraction in the state: Pinnacle Mountain. Standing high over the Arkansas River this is an adventure that is expected of any local traveler. Make your way to the top and you’ll be presented with a 360 view that it unparalleled.

A detail that separates this mountain from others is that you must hike to the top. There will be no leisurely cruises to the top, but this certainly a stronger feeling of accomplishment when the summit is reached. It is a well-travelled trail and you’ll see many people here especially on weekends. This is an unfavorable aspect but do not let it detour you from the glory that comes with scaling the Pinnacle.

The area resides on a quiet road in Maumelle, AR and you’ll surely see the mountain from a far. You see the spine of the rocks leading to the top and know that a worthy opponent waits. This will be greeted with anticipation and a sense of determination to make it to the top. Pack water and go to work.

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