Indian Creek Trail, Buffalo River

Indian Creek is a trail that would very well exist on Skull Island complete with a dome that very well could fit King Kong. This delightfully primitive location is a true gem on the Buffalo and will lead you to a one of a kind waterfall dubbed the Eye of the Needle.

The starting point can best be reached by parking at Kyle’s Landing. There are other ways in, but not without a 7 mile hike or so. Going through the trail you can take one of two approaches. For a more strenuous and primitive trek go straight up the creek bed. If that isn’t a preference take the path that follow predominately on top of the bluff line. Both will provide stunning views of the creek and a valley that truly have the feel of a rain forest.

Approaching the waterfall you’ll be overshadowed by a massive cathedral of stone. The fall itself is fed by a spring that shoots out the side of the canyon. The top of which will lead to a small cave that is worth exploring. The trail then proceeds around a path that is rather dangerous. Due to a lack of scouting I wasn’t aware that the trail advanced so this will be documented in a later post.

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