Sam’s Throne Overlook, Arkansas

Sam’s Throne Overlook is a popular mountain climbing location with stunning views. The trail circles the rim of the bluff line and you can descend to the bottom taking the left trail head. Traveling down below the bluff line will allow you to reach the “Throne”. The area is equal parts beautiful and dangerous so use thorough caution.

To reach this location it is easiest to enter the parking lot coordinates, N35.52.632′ W093.02.785, into your GPS. This is a short drive off the well-known Scenic 7 Highway. For most it is a lengthy drive into unknown territory, but it is one that should be made for anyone wanting to explore all that Arkansas has to offer.

rIMG_1587 (2) IMG_1588 (2) IMG_1592 (2) IMG_1595 (2) IMG_1600 (2) IMG_1603 (3) IMG_1605 (2) IMG_1606 (2) IMG_1610 (2) IMG_1616 (2) IMG_1618 (2) IMG_1632 (3) IMG_1635 (2) IMG_1636 (3)

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