Bluffton Preserve on Archey Fork

Down a long winding dirt road that seems like it could be the location for a backwoods horror films resides a  hidden treasure of nature. Bluffton Preserve nestles itself right along the Archey Fork River making it the perfect kayak launch spot. The float to the next pickup area, Clinton City Park, will take roughly 3-4 hours and is a rare beauty appearing as a secluded jungle at times.

If kayaking is not your forte the preserve offers hiking trails and a picnicking area. From my experience in the preserve it is still relatively unknown and I have yet to witness any other visitors during my 4-5 trips. Geocaches have been added to the location in an attempt to attract more people and I plan to place more in the future.

The Bluff line, for which I assume the name Bluffton was given, is absolutely breath taking and the view from the top just as well. However it is a very steep climb so pack and dress accordingly if you think you are up for the challenge. To reach the area take Watergate Rd directly off HWY 65 and it will lead straight there. It is directly behind the Bluffton Cemetery. Enjoy your visit.

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