Alum Cove Natural Bridge

There are at least two large natural bridges in the state of Arkansas that I’m aware of. One resides just a short drive off Hwy 65 in Clinton and is a well-known attraction. The other is located at a far lesser known location called Alum Cove. This is up in the Ozarks at a town called Deer, AR, naturally.
It’s a short half mile hike from the trail head and you can actually walk across the top, which is not aloud at the Arkansas Natural Bridge near Clinton. Descending below will open you up to just how incredibly massive this slab of rock is. There are multiple trails in this area so planning a trip you could camp and easily visit 5 or 6 locations, including Hawksbill Crag, he Glory Hole, and Sam’s Throne.

IMG_1671 (2) IMG_1677 (2) IMG_1680 (2) IMG_1682 (2) IMG_1687 (2) IMG_1694 (2) IMG_1695 (2) IMG_1698 (2) IMG_1699 (2) IMG_1704 (2) IMG_1708 (2) IMG_1717 (2)
IMG_1680 (2) IMG_1682 (2)

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