Blowing Cave , Cushman Arkansas

Living in Arkansas we are often deprived of lore and legend. The world is full of stories of mythical creatures and ancient civilizations, but these are often reserved for more mystical parts of the world. However, the Blowing Cave hidden away in Cushman, Arkansas is a destination that holds its own secrets and mysteries.

I had researched this cave a few years back, but I did not go much farther than viewing a few pictures on Google. Little did I know at the time Blowing Cave contained a dark mystery that had been in development since the 1950s. A story surfaced on the internet which described an expedition that was led into the cave. The team allegedly discovered a secret passage that took them down five miles under the earth. They would eventually make it to a massive cavern to which they gave the name Glass Cave.

From here the search proceeded and glowing tunnels were discovered which would eventually lead to contact with a race of human-like beings that would be known as the Blue People. They were described as being highly intelligent and even provided an electronic device they was able to translate languages to bridge the communication gap. This ancient race were said to be descendant Noah and had discovered these subsystems in the earth and chose to make a life here. Despite doing their all to avoid contact with humans they found trust in this team of explores and were willing to share their story. You can read the full article at this link

We made several trips to the cave ourselves, but no blue people were to be had. That wasn’t really our goal however as this cavern provides 1 1/2 miles or so of tunnels that are documented. I managed to obtain a map of the systems from a Youtuber and it highlighted some features that look to be spectacular. The Waterfall Room: that is a title that just says it all. Please refer to the map I have included in the photos so you can follow along with the story accordingly.

When I received the map my focus immediately honed in on the Waterfall Room. Upon seeing the shape of this room on the map my mind raced back to the photos I had looked at on google. One in particular had the exact shape and if it is indeed the room it stands the size of a cathedral. I’m talking absolutely massive. Naturally I was over eager to find my way to the room. Little did I know then it would be a process that would span over a year without completion.The terrain is very rough in this cave and there is an abundance of mud. You basically ruin every article of clothing you take in here, but it’s still a blast of a trip. From this detail you can understand why I was unable to capture photos from beyond the entrance, but I certainly will next trip. I to have a pelican case for my Canon by the time I go back.

When referring to the map the Potato Masher is where our travels have ended. About half way to the water fall and it should be known that the length to the waterfall is only about 1/3 the size of the entire cave. Claustrophobia will be a factor in this cave and I often had to do a bit of motivational self-talk to proceed at times. The masher is a section of cave where the ceiling collapsed and left only small crevices to proceed through. At this point we decided to call the trip due to the long hours of the trip and the level of sketchiness.

There was a beacon of hope at the end however as I noticed another tunnel path that I think leads through to the Meat Grinder. The only problem is that this would require wading through water which we really were not suited to pass at the time. Next trip we plan to be well prepared for this stretch of tunnel and I’ll be sure to photo document it in its entirety. Keep up with the blog and I hope to have this next section of tunnel completed in the next few weeks. I hope the Waterfall Room blows us all away.

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32 thoughts on “Blowing Cave , Cushman Arkansas

  1. My mother is 82 years old and has a very sound mind and she’s told me story’s about when she was a young kid her and her siblings used to play up around the blowing cave and she told me that her grand parents my great grand parents owned the cave and a lot of the surrounding land there. The old homestead is supposed to be on further back on the property. I would love to find out who owns it now. I’d love to build me a simple retirement cabin there. Just for a getaway. If anyone knows who owns the property I would love to talk to them. I would appreciate any information or a phone call. My number is 501-285-1953. Call anytime.


    1. I don’t know much, but I did hear the cave was purchased in an online auction by someone. It’s really a shame for anyone to have all that to themselves! Share the wealth. haha


    2. It’s for sale, but you’ll need to purchase all 4,000 acres. The blowing cave piece was for sale by itself several years ago but didn’t receive a high enough offer. It shouldn’t be difficult to find the listing. I do know the owner and the land very well, but I won’t reveal his name online. If you can’t find the listing, call a local realtor. I believe Son Lamb had the listing the last time I checked. You’ll need a few million dollars!


  2. Recently discovered this cave because 3 college students were lost in there for 24 hours. It’s all over Arkansas news. (8/12/2016) I have been scouring the internet trying to verify the story, but to no avail as of yet.
    With the white nose bat syndrome having most caves closed the public, I am unsure if the property is privately owned or if they just waltzed in there. I am very interested in knowing more information, as I assume most of you all are. I’d love to take a trip. If anyone has additional information or did their own super sleuthing, let me know!


    1. there are two small parking areas down the long dirt road. The one on the left you might get stuck if someone parks behind you. 1/4 mile hike up the trail(very obvious) and you’re there. Only saw 1 other couple when me and my wife went. We went about 1 mile deep into the caves. Lots of graffiti so getting lost usually isn’t a problem if you pay attention to markings in the cave. You only start losing the more prominent ones the deeper you go(you got to pay attn to detail) but it is a fun cave. The cave will probably get a lot of noobs due to the story, so you might wait a few months before venturing up there. Enjoy


  3. I have visited this cave numerous times and have been awe struck. Only thing I hate is that people could ruin it with graffiti. Anyways I would like to explore it more but would like to explore it with people who have prior cave experience with exploring. Also could you please email me maps of cave. Can’t zoom in to make anything out. Thanks for your time


  4. Would love to go explore the cave with some experienced people,ive been there several times just not gone very far …only to the room with the stairs,would love to go and check out this story… perhaps would like to stay 😃😃


  5. Have you ever thought about getting back as far as you can then bedding down for the night and then preceding the following morning


      1. Would love to go with yall. I’m physically fit and have to be. I work on the river and iam a member of the southside fire department. Endurance is not an issue


    1. I have though about it I went back passed the waterfall two hours the cave is very fun I can’t stop going I think I can’t count like ten time I went in


  6. Next Sunday if anyone wants to go in the blowing cave at cushman I’m going to see if it’s flooded my number is 870-613-7245


  7. I was a part of a rescue of a lady back in early 2000’s. I work for the power company and at that time I was a member of our rescue team. She was at the waterfall area. It took 12 hours to get her out. What a trip.


  8. Planing a cave trap if anyone has been in the blowing cave before and wants to go I’m going in with two others pasted the water fall I have been in there many times its on the 19th Sunday about 8:00 a.m. My phone # 8706137245


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