Kyle’s Landing, Buffalo River

The Buffalo River provides many opportunities for a weekend adventure; canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and fishing to name a few. If you’re looking for a campground with a stunning view Kyle’s Landing is a must see destination.

This is a primitive camp site which entails no electricity outlets, RVs, or campers. This is a necessity for this location as the road is very rough and steep.  There is a bathroom with running water and showers back where you first turn on the dirt road. You’ll likely need to bring a high clearance vehicle here, but I was able to make it in my Chevy Cruze. So enter at your own risk.

If you choose to spend a few days here there will be several popular hiking trails that you can reach from the Landing. Indian Creek Trail is the closest and provides a stunning view of a waterfall. I will be posting an article on this trail shortly, stay tuned. Another trail you can follow along the river will lead you to a destination called Twin Falls, or Triple Falls after a good rain. This is a popular site as you can take a road directly to it. The map posted shows that you can also make it to Hemmed-In Hollow from the campgrounds, but when I took the hike I came in from another trail head.

Spend the day floating the river and if you have someone to drop you off upstream the trip will end at the campsites. Or spend some time fishing on the river which was my preference for the trip. I do regret not bringing my kayak however and I’d advise you to do so.

All things considered this is a perfect place to camp along the Buffalo River. It will provide you beautiful sites and is a great base camp for hitting the most popular hiking trails that the River holds. Do yourself a solid and stay a few nights.

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